Rockmount School

Sprunt architects accepted the project from stage D and had to develop the production drawings for the winning contractor.  While the planning approval did not change and the school year target for hand over stays the same the structure and many of the details had changed. I had to coordinate the team and help to produce the required drawings to achieve targets.

I had the responsibility from advising the contractor on best methods to updating the building control on changes to the development through checking the details being adduct and materials performance answering relevant building bulletin requirements.

McDonald's drive in, Europe

McDonald’s European Head office

Conceptual design

Detailing of drive-in restaurants for England & Europe

The average European car is smoler than the average American car so in McDonald's they had to redesign the basic layout for the drive in restaurant

Each prototype is about 400 sq m including seating area, kitchen and storage. Every centimetre is calculated to make the work and the food flow.